Why Apple Crisp is so good

Apple Crisps are among the most popular breads in the world.

They’re also pretty healthy.

Here are the 10 best recipes on the web for those who love a crispy crust.


Apple Crispy Chicken thigh recipe This recipe is a classic, but you can also make it vegetarian or vegan.

You can also choose to substitute the dried chicken thighs in place of the dried flour.


Apple Cinnamon Apple Crisped Chicken Recipe This is a quick and easy recipe.

You’ll only need 2 ingredients, but it’s worth making ahead to use up the remaining time in the oven.


Apple Butter Crisp Recipe This recipe uses a recipe for apple butter that’s easy to make, and it’s packed with nutrients.


Apple Crunchy Apple Crispie Recipe This crunchy recipe is made with the dried apples in place, so it’s also good for you.


Apple Chunky Apple Crispo Recipe This chocolate chip cookie recipe is delicious for breakfast, but also delicious for dinner.


Apple Cranberry Apple Crispan Recipe This cranberry apple recipe is super easy to prepare, and there are lots of different versions to choose from.


Apple Creme Brulee Cake Recipe This classic cake recipe is so yummy and can be baked in just about any oven.


Apple Crumbly Apple Crisper Recipe This crust is made from a simple recipe for flourless bread.


Apple Creamy Crisp With Apple Butter Recipe This buttery cookie recipe makes a great filling for sandwiches, cakes, and muffins.


Apple Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe This cake is rich in chocolate, and is easy to whip up.